We recently completed our MCS assessment and will be going through the process again next year – so why do we go to all that trouble? Well, because MCS, like RECC, is good for our customers.

What is MCS?

MCS is a standards organisation that certifies low-carbon products and installations used to produce electricity and heat from renewable sources. From solar panels, such as we install, to wind turbines, biomass boilers to heat pumps, there are different solutions to suit different needs. MCS creates and maintains standards that allows for the certification of products, installers and their installations. It aims to decarbonise heat and power in the UK’s homes by giving you confidence in home-grown energy.

Generating your own energy reduces your dependence on traditional fossil fuels – lowering your energy bills and protecting you and your family, or community, from ever spiralling costs. You should always look for the MCS mark for reassurance that your installer is certified. The MCS website is not the easiest to navigate, but you can look up an installer there to confirm they are registered. For example, you can search on Fuel Included Limited to see our details (Tanjent is our main brand). Our Membership Number is 74140 and our Certification Number is NAP-69426.

Note that originally ‘MCS’ stood for the Microgeneration Certification Scheme that was a requirement for payments under the government’s old Feed In Tariff (FIT) scheme. Since that scheme closed ‘MCS’ has evolved to become the trading name of the standards company that took over the Microgeneration Certification Scheme role.

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What are the benefits of using an MCS certified installer?

MCS Certified logo (Image: MCS)

MCS Certified logo (Image: MCS)

If you are interested in generating your own energy, it is important to use an MCS certified Installer so that the technology you choose is specified, installed and maintained correctly.

MCS is a mark of quality. Using an MCS certified installer ensures that equipment meets good standards of performance and that installers are technically safe and competent.

MCS certified Installers have undergone a rigorous vetting process to demonstrate that they adhere to our Standards. These Standards demonstrate a commitment to quality. They will also be a member of a Consumer Code (like we are a member of RECC) which means strengthened customer protection for you.

If your technology is eligible for a government incentive, you will need to be able to provide MCS certification to claim this. For example, you will need an MCS Certificate to claim the Smart Export Guarantee payments for any unused solar that you export. We provide the MCS scheme for your system as soon after the install as it can be registered.

So when you work with an MCS certified solar installer you know they follow the quality assessments required by MCS for installing solar panels. In addition, unlike most solar installers, Tanjent has also gone through the process of being quality assessed for the installation of home storage batteries.