Trevor Larkum

About Trevor Larkum

Trevor is the Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of Tanjent. He has a degree in Physics and Computer Science which he followed with an MSC in Industrial Robotics, then a PhD in machine learning. With over thirty years of experience delivering projects and software, Trevor drives the technical goals of Tanjent Energy.

How To Get Remote Control Access To Your Solis Inverter

Solis Inverter Settings If you have had a Solis inverter installed - either a hybrid solar inverter or an AC battery inverter - you will likely have found that you have to make most setting changes through the screen of the inverter. This is because the online interface for the inverter generally only shows

How Do I Set Time-of-Use Tariff Charging on a Solis Inverter?

Solis Inverter Overnight Charging Lots of our customers who have a hybrid solar inverter or a home battery system also have access to a cheap time-of-use electricity tariff (for example Economy 7 or Octopus Go) that has a cheap rate overnight. It is then possible for them to charge up their battery on this

GivEnergy All in One Home Battery System Review and Specs

GivEnergy All in One We have been installing GivEnergy battery systems for quite a few years and have generally found them to be effective and value for money. Like most of the other systems we install they have consisted of separate inverters and batteries. For some time, however, we have heard of the launch

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