Solar panels and other renewables on people’s homes, better insulation and a ‘smart’ electricity grid provide solutions to climate and energy crises – Dylan Ryan

Recent events have highlighted the folly of over-reliance on imported oil and gas. However, it’s important that we don’t lose sight of this knowledge so that it disappears once priorities change, like a passing fad. A long-term commitment to a transition away from fossil fuels is necessary. More than half of the UK’s energy

How much could a domestic solar installation save you in 2023?

With power prices at record highs in Britain, the potential of domestic solar power has gained particular interest over the past year. Installers are reporting record high interest, with many struggling to meet the demand they are seeing, as homeowners look to generate, use and sell electricity on their roofs. In 2020, the Smart Export Guarantee

Public support for solar reaches record high for the second year

The latest polling from the Public Attitudes Tracker showed that 88% of people support the use a renewable energy in the UK, including solar, beating last year’s previous high of 84%, whilst only 2% of the public oppose it. Conducted this autumn, the survey was published this Thursday (15 December) by the Department for Business,

UK Government confirms additional support schemes amidst energy crisis

The UK Government has today (19 December) confirmed details of new schemes to provide additional support to households across Britain and Northern Ireland amidst the rising costs of energy bills. These include: support for households in Northern Ireland; the Energy Bills Support Scheme Alternative Funding (EBSS Alternative Funding); and Alternative Fuel Payments. Energy Bills

Insulating homes would help lower UK energy bills, ministers told

UK Green Building Council has laid out a three-point plan for the government to consider Insulating Britain’s draughty houses, overhauling the planning system, and preventing housebuilders from selling sub-standard homes would all cut people’s energy bills and help set the UK on track to net zero greenhouse gas emissions, green building experts are to

Oil firms have internally dismissed swift climate action, House panel says

Documents show the fossil fuel industry ‘has no real plans to clean up its act’ and took steps to continue business as usual Some of the world’s largest oil and gas companies have internally dismissed the need to swiftly move to renewable energy and cut planet-heating emissions, despite publicly portraying themselves as concerned about

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