Tesco plotting UK superstore solar rollout programme

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Tesco is planning a major rollout of solar on the roofs of its stores in the UKAlongside its in-house market research team, SPP has identified at least five planning applications to install solar on the roofs of Tesco superstores in Nottingham, Lewisham, Sheerness, Martlesham and Yeovil, indicating that the rollout is countrywide and not consigned

Public mistrust of energy companies, government jeopardising energy transition

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Consumers are willing to pay more towards the low carbon energy transition, but only if energy companies and government accept their share of responsibility, new research has found.The UK Energy Research Council (ERC) partnered with Cardiff University to survey more than 3,000 members of the British public and hold a series of focus groups, the

Bristol to launch ‘new wave’ of South West clean energy projects with European funding

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Almost £2 million in new European funding is to support the development of a “new wave” of energy projects in the South West.Bristol City Council, in partnership with Devon and Plymouth councils, has secured a €1.9 million (£1.7 million) grant from the European Investment Bank and the European Commission to fund the deployment of new

A new era or a mountain to climb? BEIS export guarantee receives mixed bag of responses

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The government’s Smart Export Guarantee (SEG), its eagerly awaited replacement for the soon-to-close export tariff, has been dubbed both a “new era” for solar and a “mountain to climb” as the proposals received a mixed response.The government has backed the scheme to be transitional for the small-scale renewables sector. Claire Perry, the government’s energy and

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