Insulating homes would help lower UK energy bills, ministers told

UK Green Building Council has laid out a three-point plan for the government to consider Insulating Britain’s draughty houses, overhauling the planning system, and preventing housebuilders from selling sub-standard homes would all cut people’s energy bills and help set the UK on track to net zero greenhouse gas emissions, green building experts are to

Balancing energy security with food security on solar farms

The economic impacts of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine are being felt around the world. This is especially true in the energy and food markets whose supply chains depend on both countries. The crisis has reinvigorated a long-running debate about land use for solar farms, increasingly polarised around energy versus food security. Gas provides 40%

Postcards from a 40C future: what extreme heat means for the UK

How will transport, cities and health services cope with the climate crisis? With 10 major incidents declared by fire services across the UK on Tuesday, infrastructure failures, and excess deaths over the heatwave estimated at about 1,000, the immediate impact of record 40C temperatures was severe enough in its own right. But for many people,

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