How to add a Hub to a Zappi EV Charge Point

[Update February 2024: Note this is an old blog post - most recent Zappis come with a built-in Hub so it is no longer necessary to go through the process covered below]We install quite a lot of myEnergi's Zappi electric vehicle charge points as they are well suited to charging an EV from solar panels,

How Can I Charge My Electric Car With Solar Panels?

Solar panels and electric vehicles go together (ironically!) like a horse and carriage. Lots of people who get solar panels installed then go on to buy an electric vehicle (EV) and similarly it is well known that about a third of EV owners have solar on their homes. Of course they go together well

Zappi smart EV charger | Fully Charged

We visited a working prototype Zappi charger on Orkney and Robert was so impressed that MyEnergi kindly agreed to fit one in his garage which also allowed the company to test and adjust it to function with the Tesla Powerwall.

Home Solar and Battery Storage

We are big fans of energy storage and are continuing with our plans to offer solar and battery storage products to our electric car customers. Yesterday we attended the Solar & Storage Live event at the NEC in Birmingham and had discussions with a number of suppliers.

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