Grid Balancing

Octopus, UKPN offer free electricity during periods of abundance

Octopus Energy and UK Power Networks (UKPN) will offer customers free electricity when energy supply exceeds demand due to excess renewable power on the grid. Through the ‘Power-ups’ scheme Octopus will send customers a notification of the times they are able to use their ‘Power-ups’ one day in advance. The scheme aims to tackle

Octopus’s V2G project Powerloop to enter Balancing Mechanism

Octopus Electric Vehicles is preparing a path for its vehicle-to-grid (V2G) project Powerloop to become the first to enter National Grid ESO’s Balancing Mechanism. Developed by a consortium run by Octopus Electric Vehicles and Octopus Energy in partnership with UK Power Networks (UKPN), Energy Saving Trust, Open Energi, CPS, and Guidehouse, Powerloop has allowed

What will drive the adoption of heat pumps?

Tariffs, consumers and the government In July, energy supplier Good Energy launched the UK’s first ever heat pump tariff, raising a question about what will drive the adoption of the technology going forwards? A more mature technology One of the aspects that sets heat pumps apart from the growth of other green technologies in the

Smart homes with solar and storage could ‘eliminate’ evening peak

A combination of residential solar, storage and smart controls could "dramatically reduce" the evening peak. This is according to a new report produced by the Solar Trade Association (STA), Loughborough University and Advanced Further Energy. The report looks into the grid and consumer benefits of four generations of smart home, scaled up across a

Ofgem approves changes ending double charging of storage

Double charging of battery storage is to end, as Ofgem approves changes to the Connection and Use of System Code (CUSC). The UK regulator announced last year it was consulting on the removal of Balancing Service Use of System (BSUoS) charges for energy taken from the grid by storage assets. BSUoS charges allow National

German town disconnects from grid, goes 100% renewable – for an hour

For a brief period a few days ago, Bordesholm in Germany became a showcase for how entire communities could switch over to renewable energy, with the backing of energy storage capacity. Solar inverter maker SMA’s devices, including its Sunny Central Storage battery inverter and SMA Hybrid Controller XL, were used in a trial whereby

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