Our Uncertain Future

Climate Change (Image: Tumisu/Pixabay)

(Image: Tumisu/Pixabay)

Welcome to my personal blog covering my adventures in and opinions on homesteading/smallholding, self-sufficiency, climate change and related issues.

Trevor Larkum, January 2020

#273: Systemic jeopardy

THE COMING FINANCIAL CRASH One question, above all others, has dominated our recent discussions here. This is the issue of whether the financial system will fracture as the underlying “real” or material economy inflects from growth into contraction. Has some kind of chaotic reset – either contractionary or hyperinflationary – become inevitable? Are we –

January energy bills almost double pre-crisis levels

On the 1 January 2024, the Default Tariff Price Cap was set at £1,928. This represents an increase of almost £900 compared to the Q1 price cap of 2021 (£1,042), leaving households paying almost double pre-energy crisis levels for their energy bills. Lasting until 31 March 2024, the current price cap is over £2,000 less than it was during

At risk: 10 ways the changing climate is creating a health emergency

Diseases will spread faster and further, and kill more people, as the effects of record heat, floods, drought and storms escalates The lives of billions of people are being threatened by the climate crisis, experts from around the world warned in the annual Lancet Countdown report this week. No one will escape the consequences of

Five Kinds of Survival Gardens

There are a bunch of books titled or subtitled "Survival Gardening" or generally about gardening to survive in difficult times, and they all focus, slightly differently on the idea of garden to get through a crisis. [ed note: Read all the way through to find out which one is Sharon's favorite! - Moriarty] A salad

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