EVs With Built-In Camera Drones Have Already Landed in China

Still the stuff of concepts and flights of fancy in the West, automakers on the other side of the world are putting copters in their cars. CHINESE AUTOMAKERS ARE starting to equip electric cars with camera drones. For now, this drone integration is aimed at content creators who want to collect videos of themselves driving. These

Tusker fleet data reveals the truth about EV fires

Salary sacrifice specialist Tusker has analysed data from its fleet of more than 30,000 electric vehicles (EVs) to understand if there is any truth behind some of the commonly shared myths surrounding them. The Lloyds-owned business claims that misinformation is being spread widely on social media and even being published by national newspapers. One of the most

Euroviews. Blackout fatigue threatens our climate change resilience

We might never have the tech to tame a tempest, but we know about the hazards that trigger power outages and now we have the capability to manage them in granular detail, Taco Engelaar writes. Brace. That’s the blanket instruction we’re given each time a storm approaches. Brace for train disruption, brace for property damage,

Local councils oppose over 4GW of renewable energy projects, study finds

A new study conducted by Britain Remade has found that 70 local councils have collectively opposed planning applications for 4.4GW worth of renewable energy projects. According to the pro-growth campaign group, the number of refused projects includes battery storage that could store up to 680MW of renewable energy. The group highlighted a number of

COP28 head presses nations to reach climate ‘compromise’

The Emirati head of the UN's climate conference pressed countries on Wednesday to strive for common ground and reach a "historic" deal by early next week, giving negotiators days to untangle disagreements over the fate of fossil fuels. It is rare for UN climate talks to end as scheduled but COP28 president Sultan Al

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