#279: The fiascos of denied decline

THE BRITISH ECONOMIC TRAP – A SEEDS ANALYSIS As others have noted, there’s been something almost surreal about the opening phases of the British general election campaign. Premier Rishi Sunak, firing the starting-gun for the 4th July contest outside 10 Downing Street, had no umbrella to ward off a torrential downpour of rain. If the public

The political weaponisation of energy in the 2024 general election

As many readers will already know, the UK is fast approaching its next general election on 4 July 2024. This will, however, be one of the most significant general elections to date, particularly with the Labour Party expected to pounce at the opportunity to knock the Conservatives out as the governing body, a position

Daily Mail admits making up story about electric vehicles causing potholes

Pallavi Sethi explains the basis for complaining to the Independent Press Standards Organisation about the newspaper’s piece on electric vehicles misrepresented in a report from the Asphalt Industry Alliance and why such reporting continues to damage the British public’s understanding of climate change policies. In yet another instance of British newspapers promoting misinformation about

#273: Systemic jeopardy

THE COMING FINANCIAL CRASH One question, above all others, has dominated our recent discussions here. This is the issue of whether the financial system will fracture as the underlying “real” or material economy inflects from growth into contraction. Has some kind of chaotic reset – either contractionary or hyperinflationary – become inevitable? Are we –

12 Smart Gadgets You Didn’t Know Existed

While it's easy to be amused by technology-averse family members complaining that smart gadgets "gets everywhere these days," there's more than a hint of truth to that statement. No longer is the smart home limited to voice assistants or colour-changing light bulbs — now almost every household device can be made smarter to some degree.

Installing Solar Panels: Pros and Cons for Home Value

Installing solar panels can be a smart investment, but you need to weigh the upfront costs versus long-term savings and home value boost carefully. Tanjent examine the financial pros and cons to help homeowners decide if solar is worthwhile and answer key questions homeowners have about costs and payback. Here we look at installing

EVs With Built-In Camera Drones Have Already Landed in China

Still the stuff of concepts and flights of fancy in the West, automakers on the other side of the world are putting copters in their cars. CHINESE AUTOMAKERS ARE starting to equip electric cars with camera drones. For now, this drone integration is aimed at content creators who want to collect videos of themselves driving. These

Tusker fleet data reveals the truth about EV fires

Salary sacrifice specialist Tusker has analysed data from its fleet of more than 30,000 electric vehicles (EVs) to understand if there is any truth behind some of the commonly shared myths surrounding them. The Lloyds-owned business claims that misinformation is being spread widely on social media and even being published by national newspapers. One of the most

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