Power Cut

Euroviews. Blackout fatigue threatens our climate change resilience

We might never have the tech to tame a tempest, but we know about the hazards that trigger power outages and now we have the capability to manage them in granular detail, Taco Engelaar writes. Brace. That’s the blanket instruction we’re given each time a storm approaches. Brace for train disruption, brace for property damage,

Storm readiness: Shifting from generators to energy storage systems

Fossil fuel-powered generators are strapped with emission concerns, maintenance needs, and potential personal risk, whereas a battery-based energy storage system is safe, efficient and has a very low operating cost. We are living in an era of extreme weather, and there is no end in sight. In July 2023 alone, there were devastating wildfires in

What Are the Most Promising Energy Storage Technologies?

Efficient energy storage technology is needed to overcome fluctuations in renewable energy supply and decrease our reliance on fossil fuels. Here are some of the most promising technologies in the industry today As the world moves towards a more renewable and decentralised energy system, energy storage is becoming increasingly important. Energy storage technologies allow us to

UK To See Rapid Expansion In Battery Storage Through 2030

The UK’s battery storage market is set for exponential growth in the coming years, rising from the ground up to reach 24 gigawatts (GW) capacity by the end of the decade. These utility-scale battery systems will attract investments of up to $20 billion and have enough combined energy reserves to power 18 million homes for

Solar and Battery Price Rises on the Way

Warning from the supply chains... We have been receiving a number of warnings from our supply chain that unfortunately solar and battery prices will rise in Q1 2022. This is as a result of a number of factors but one of the most significant is the growing power shortages in China which have a

How innovations in energy storage technology support climate goals

Blackouts due to climate change related events are becoming commonplace. Energy storage can provide grid stability and eliminate CO2 but it needs to be more economical to achieve scale. We explore the technologies that can expedite deployment, ensure safety and boost ROI supporting a faster race to zero. In September 2017, Southern Australia suffered

How Much Does a Home Battery System Cost?

We have just revised the prices across our range of PowerBanx home battery systems. Tanjent PowerBanx home battery (an X3 with a cabinet shown) In all cases the prices have gone down by at least £200, more for the bigger systems, reflecting a reduction across the market in the cost of Lithium Ion batteries.

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