Home Battery

How Big a Home Battery Do I Need?

How Big a Battery? A question we often hear at Tanjent is ‘How Big a Home Battery Do I Need?' Or else 'What home battery storage size is right for my family?' Which IS a great question, just one that is not as straightforward as it would seem, to answer. Most of us have

How Do I Set Time-of-Use Tariff Charging on a Solis Inverter?

Solis Inverter Overnight Charging Lots of our customers who have a hybrid solar inverter or a home battery system also have access to a cheap time-of-use electricity tariff (for example Economy 7 or Octopus Go) that has a cheap rate overnight. It is then possible for them to charge up their battery on this

9 Benefits of Using a Home Battery Backup

Are you considering a home backup battery? Here are some advantages of the technology. Battery backup systems prepare you for grid power problems like blackouts and power outages. These systems allow you to store energy for later use, helping reduce energy costs, dependence on grid electricity, and environmental impact. Battery storage also puts you in

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