Climate change will increase the value of solar panels

As the world grapples with the increasing impacts of climate change, the allure of residential rooftop solar panels is set to rise, potentially increasing in value by up to 19 percent by the century’s end. Experts at the University of Michigan, leading a new study, have examined the expected increase in solar panel value. They

Do solar panels work on cloudy days?

Solar panels continue to generate clean, renewable electricity even on gloomy days. This is good news, considering few places in the world enjoy dazzling sunshine all year round. But how do solar panels work when it’s cloudy, what effect does this have on generation, and how do we build solar projects to make them as efficient

Report: UK solar hotspots revealed

New research by Independent Advisor shows that UK solar hotspots installations has increased by over 37% in the last year. Over 1.7 million domestic homes have had the technology installed, and the overall number of solar panels in the UK increased by a third from 2022 to 2023. Katharine Allison, energy-saving expert at Independent

Why Solar Photovoltaic Systems Have Captivated The UK

For every 25 buildings in the UK, you will be able to spot Solar Photovoltaic Systems and according to Solar Energy UK, rooftop solar power installations doubled in a year (2023). There is a solar revolution and it is becoming increasingly popular, not just for homeowners, but businesses too. Businesses are discovering the benefits, such

Countryside Ahead On Rooftop Solar Power Generation

New CPRE analysis reveals that homes in the countryside are leading the way on solar power generation. 48 of the 50 English parliamentary constituencies with the highest domestic solar generation capacity are in rural areas, while all 200 of those with the lowest are in towns and cities. Analysis of local authority data showed that

New Homes With Solar Panels Fitted say MPs

Pressure on Rishi Sunak to bolster UK’s green credentials fitting new homes with solar panels after he rolled back net-zero pledges Conservative MPs have demanded the Government require all new homes with solar panels to be fitted to boost the UK’s energy security. Ministers are consulting on an update of building

New calculator shines a light on solar panels

Energy prices have reduced in Great Britain from 1 April in line with the energy price cap. But average energy bills relating to typical annual energy consumption are still 56% above summer 2021 levels. Against this backdrop and as the climate emergency also escalates, there’s a growing interest in domestic renewable energy systems, primarily solar

Majority of UK public support mandatory solar panels on new homes

Seven out of ten of the UK public believe that it should be mandatory to install solar panels on new homes, according to a new survey Seven out of ten UK citizens advocate for mandatory installation of solar panels on new build homes. The study, conducted by Censuswide on behalf of Project Solar, surveyed 1,000

Rising Energy Bills Top Concern For UK Homeowners

A new survey of 2,000 homeowners indicates that nearly half of Brits consider rising energy bills their primary concern, prompting 39% to prioritise energy improvements to their properties Figures from a survey of 2,000 homeowners indicate that rising energy bills have become the primary concern for almost half of Brits, with 39% identifying it as the strongest motivator for

How Exactly Do Solar Panels Help The Environment?

Whether people like to believe it or not, climate change is causing the overall warming of the planet, rising sea levels, and destruction of the ozone layer. Energy is a major component to why climate change has become such a crisis, as so many systems rely on fuel that cause massive amounts of greenhouse gas

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