Batteries And Renewables Are Saving Texas During The Heat Wave

Texas, along with much of the South, has been subject to a relentless, prolonged heat wave for several weeks – the kind of climate-fueled extreme weather event that scientists have warned us will happen with increasing frequency. This particular event is so extreme that Texas has been hotter than 99% of the Earth. But unlike

Canada is on fire, and big oil is the arsonist

Governments need to represent us, not fossil-fuel profiteers. We need plans to phase out fossil fuel production and emissions Canada is on fire from coast to coast to coast. Thousands have been evacuated, millions exposed to air pollution, New York a doom orange and even the titans of Wall Street choking. Catastrophic flooding in Pakistan,

A Clear Indication That Climate Change Is Burning Up California

A new study maps the relationship between human-caused warming and California’s summer fires over the past five decades. In the past six years, California has logged three of its five deadliest fires on record, and eight of its 10 biggest. More than 100 people have died, tens of thousands have been displaced, and millions

Climate risks have made California uninsurable. When will we wake up?

State Farm will almost entirely stop issuing new policies in California – with climate-exacerbated wildfires and bad public policy a large reason why State Farm, the country’s largest property insurer, announced this week that it will almost entirely stop issuing new policies in California, the country’s largest property insurance market. The reasons for forgoing all

Why battery storage is becoming essential for backup in emergencies

We have recently seen the Dandenong and Yarra Ranges lashed by severe storms that have caused widespread damage and taken out major network and NBN infrastructure. Phone coverage is limited, and electricity was cut in large areas that extended into Emerald, Montrose, Belgrave and Croydon. It was the latest sign of Mother Nature flexing her

How California Wildfires Are Driving Energy Storage Beyond Lithium-Ion

California needs batteries. When California is on fire, it needs batteries that can keep a home, a hospital, a fire station, a senior center running longer than the four-hour standard of lithium-ion. “What's happened that's brought this to bear has been the wildfires and the contingency issues we have in the PSPS (public-safety power shut-off)

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