Energy and Climate Change

Scotland’s 2030 climate goals ‘beyond what is credible’, says CCC

“No comprehensive strategy for Scotland” has led the Climate Change Committee (CCC) to withdraw its previously made assertion that the country will meet its climate goal to reduce emissions 75% by 2030. The goal was set out in the most recent Climate Change Plan update in 2020 (2020 CCPu). Today’s (20 March) announcement follows the

New gas power stations in Britain and support for zonal pricing

This article was edited on 13 March to correct an error. The introduction of zonal pricing in Britain has not been confirmed but has been maintained as an option in the second Review of Electricity Market Arrangements consultation. Energy secretary Claire Coutinho has announced that a zonal pricing system could be introduced in Britain and

UK government introduces new saving measures on energy bill

The UK government has today (23 February) announced long-term measures aiming to help households save on their monthly energy bills. These measures include examining how standard energy deals should work to pass on the cheapest electricity costs, as well as £10 million in funding for companies to test new technologies and tariffs with their customers

Reduced energy price cap remains 49% above pre-crisis levels

Ofgem has today (23 February) confirmed the 1 April to 30 June 2024 Default Energy Price Cap will be set at £1,690 for the average dual fuel household paying by direct debit, the lowest cap in two years. Wholesale cost saw the biggest decrease of the energyq price cap cost stack, decreasing by £265 (12%)

The solar panel theory of socioeconomic unfairness

Terry Pratchett's famous economic theory tells us a lot about the urgent need for a net zero transition where the costs and benefits are fairly distributed right across the income scale In his 1993 novel Men at Arms, the late, great comic writer Terry Pratchett deployed one of his characters to present what was

Euroviews. Blackout fatigue threatens our climate change resilience

We might never have the tech to tame a tempest, but we know about the hazards that trigger power outages and now we have the capability to manage them in granular detail, Taco Engelaar writes. Brace. That’s the blanket instruction we’re given each time a storm approaches. Brace for train disruption, brace for property damage,

A Guide to Living Off-Grid With Solar Power

In our fast-paced world dominated by technological advances and interconnected living, the allure of off-grid living has surged. More and more individuals and families are seeking a lifestyle that is not only sustainable but also fosters self-reliance. Central to this movement is the use of solar power, a transformative technology enabling people to generate their own energy.

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