Energy and Climate Change

Europe’s Wind Energy Industry Has Hit A Rough Patch

Major wind turbine makers are reporting massive losses and laying off swaths of employees. Siemens CEO sees supply chain snarls as a major challenge to future growth. European wind companies have also financially overextended themselves. Why isn’t wind power going gangbusters? In Europe, the energy crisis is causing solar power growth to break record

EU plans to fast-track solar permitting via emergency regulation

The European Commission today proposed a temporary emergency regulation to accelerate the deployment of renewable energy in the face of the energy crisis and the knock-on effects of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Scheduled to last for one year, the proposal will remove administrative red tape around permitting and deployment, allowing renewable energy sources to

Cost of living: Swansea estate cuts bills by generating energy

Access to solar panels and a home battery has reduced energy bill worries for Nikita Harris on one of Europe's largest green retrofit projects. "Where I used to worry going to bed, I don't have to worry now," said Nikita, 26, whose home in Swansea now runs partially on a battery. Some 644 properties

Rough reopens boosting UK’s gas storage capacity by 50% ahead of winter

Centrica has officially reopened the Rough gas storage facility, increasing the UK’s storage capacity by 50%. It gained consent from the North Sea Transition Authority in August to reopen the site situated off the East Yorkshire coast. It subsequently undertook significant engineering upgrades over the summer, ahead of commissioning the site in the Autumn. The company has

World close to ‘irreversible’ climate breakdown, warn major studies

Key UN reports published in last two days warn urgent and collective action needed – as oil firms report astronomical profits The climate crisis has reached a “really bleak moment”, one of the world’s leading climate scientists has said, after a slew of major reports laid bare how close the planet is to catastrophe. Collective

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