Installing Solar Panels: Pros and Cons for Home Value

Installing solar panels can be a smart investment, but you need to weigh the upfront costs versus long-term savings and home value boost carefully. Tanjent examine the financial pros and cons to help homeowners decide if solar is worthwhile and answer key questions homeowners have about costs and payback. Here we look at installing

Tanjent Energy at Innovation Zero 2024

For many years we have had a stand at the Fully Charged / Everything Electric show. This year we are expanding our outreach by also exhibiting at the UK's largest net-zero congress, Innovation Zero. Tanjent at Everything Electric Show Innovation Zero, the UK's largest sustainability conference, returns to London Olympia for the

How Big a Home Battery Do I Need?

How Big a Battery? A question we often hear at Tanjent is ‘How Big a Home Battery Do I Need?' Or else 'What home battery storage size is right for my family?' Which IS a great question, just one that is not as straightforward as it would seem, to answer. Most of us have

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