Tanjent Expands into New Office

Tanjent moves into new Hemel Hempstead office to cope with demand As part of our expansion plans under way to cope with the enormous demand for Solar and Battery systems, Tanjent has moved into new premises in the Hemel Hempstead industrial estate. Main entrance Situated next to the M1 and the M25

Solar Made Simple 3: Installing Solar Panels

So you've learnt all you need to know about solar panels and you know what solar can do for you, now it's time to understand the basics of putting solar panels in place. For large commercial solar farms it's common to install them on metal frames out in the open, but for nearly all other

Solar Made Simple 2: What Can Solar Do For Me?

For an introduction to solar panels see our Solar Made Simple 1: All You Need to Know About Solar Panels. The first step in learning what solar panels can do for you is about understanding how many panels can fit on your roof, and hence how much electricity those panels can generate for you.

Battery Backup from Tanjent Energy

[We have the pleasure to publish here an article from one of our customers, Charles Brookson, describing his experience with one of our Battery Backup systems] We’ve lived in the countryside for many years, and our power comes over a few miles of overhead wires. Both mine and my wife’s work have depended on a

Solar Installs: Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire

We recently did a solar and battery install very local to us - this was in Hemel Hempstead and we're based in Kings Langley. The solar was a large array of 24 panels, each 375W giving a total power of 9 kWp, connected to a Sofar 7.5 kW solar inverter. We handled the necessary

Solar Installs: Enfield, North London

A recent install in Enfield gives us a good opportunity to show off the capability of our drone! Not only can we do accurate surveys ahead of an install, including close-ups on the condition of the roof, but we can follow up after an install to check everything looks good. Drone image of pitched

Solar Installs: Hounslow, West London

We did an install in Hounslow earlier this month and here are a few pictures. This system has just 6 panels on a house roof with concrete tiles, but they are each high power (357W) so overall the system will generate a good supply for the property. One of our solar installs in

Fully Charged Show 2021 – Other Electric Vehicles

In this, my last blog about the Fully Charged Show, I'm going to put a spotlight on some of the interesting EVs there that weren't cars. Naturally there were many eBikes on display, alongside a test track available for visitors to test ride them. Some of the eBikes on show at Fully Charged,

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