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The R5 has returned: meet the all-new, all-electric £25k Renault 5 E-Tech

Renault's classic small car returns for the electric age, complete with a baguette holder This is the new Renault 5 E-Tech and it might just have the single greatest optional extra ever. A ‘porte baguette’ to hold your favourite tubular loaf and stop it shedding crumbs all over your car. It’s a masterstroke in sucking the seriousness out

EVs With Built-In Camera Drones Have Already Landed in China

Still the stuff of concepts and flights of fancy in the West, automakers on the other side of the world are putting copters in their cars. CHINESE AUTOMAKERS ARE starting to equip electric cars with camera drones. For now, this drone integration is aimed at content creators who want to collect videos of themselves driving. These

EVs were once luxury vehicles. Now, they’re for every driver

Only a few years ago, electric vehicles were the domain of the wealthy. As prices fall, and more average drivers adopt them, they're no longer synonymous with status. When the Roadster first rolled off Tesla's California assembly line in 2008, it was an instant sensation. With a top speed of 130 miles per hour, zero-to-60

IEA: Wind, solar and EVs help curb CO2 emissions but heat pump growth stutters

The International Energy Agency (IEA) has detailed in two new reports that a rise in the deployment of solar, wind and electric vehicles (EV) has helped soften the increase of carbon (CO2) emissions across 2023. In its newly published Clean Energy Market Monitor and CO2 Emissions Report studies, the reports showcase how the rise in both renewable and electrification

EVs drive UK new car market to 20-year high

In February, the UK’s new car market experienced its strongest performance in twenty years, witnessing a 14.0% rise in registrations to 84,886 units, with notable growth in electric vehicle uptake The UK’s automotive sector saw notable growth in February with a 14.0% increase in new car registrations, reaching 84,886 units, the highest since 2004, according

VW ID. Buzz first drive: a classic with an electric twist

The VW ID. Buzz gets a lot of attention where ever it goes. That's because the design of this fully-electric people carrier is striking; with its two-tone paintwork and rounded bug-like features, it looks an awful lot like the original Type 2 VW vans of the 60s. Yet, there's also something extremely modern about

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