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Are solar PV panels worth it in the UK? How much do they cost?

Solar PV Panels could save you hundreds on your energy bill every year, but also might cost thousands to install. We explain what you need to think about when working out whether they’ll save you money, how much they’ll cost and whether they’ll help your house sell or not. From hot showers to making

Countryside Ahead On Rooftop Solar Power Generation

New CPRE analysis reveals that homes in the countryside are leading the way on solar power generation. 48 of the 50 English parliamentary constituencies with the highest domestic solar generation capacity are in rural areas, while all 200 of those with the lowest are in towns and cities. Analysis of local authority data showed that

New Homes With Solar Panels Fitted say MPs

Pressure on Rishi Sunak to bolster UK’s green credentials fitting new homes with solar panels after he rolled back net-zero pledges Conservative MPs have demanded the Government require all new homes with solar panels to be fitted to boost the UK’s energy security. Ministers are consulting on an update of building

Solar panel installations hit a seven year high

Solar panel installations rose by almost 50% last year, new figures show High energy bills are behind the rise - but panels still have their naysayers  The rate of new solar panel installations on homes reached a seven-year high in 2023, according to new analysis. More than 161,494 new solar panels were installed on

Solar Panels for Garages

As the world increasingly turns its attention toward sustainable energy sources, solar panels have emerged as a shining star in the renewable energy landscape. Solar panels offer a clean and efficient way to generate electricity while reducing our carbon footprint, whether you run a company offering business broadband for startups and SMEs or even

Residential storage on the rise as homeowners seek control over power usage

An increasing number of homeowners are investing in residential energy storage systems (RESS) solutions to reduce inconveniences associated with power outages and in some cases, reduce costs and increase their use of renewable power. This was one of the findings in a new report from Guidehouse Insights, examining the global market for RESS solutions

Home Battery Storage: The (Solar) Rich Get Richer

Everyone is talking about the vanishing gap between household incomes and the affordability of rooftop solar, and that’s a good thing. Throw a home battery energy storage system into the mix, though, and the gap reappears. Now add the virtual power plant model, and the gap could turn into a yawning chasm of benefits,

Are Solar Panels Worth It?

Solar panels require some upfront expenditure. But they also carry a huge range of benefits for you and the planet, including decades of energy savings! Are Solar Panels Worth It? Renewable energy is the future! Now, more than ever, the UK has a great relationship with renewable energy. We’re the world’s biggest generator of

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