Solar and Battery

Public opening own homes to show eco changes

People who have adapted their homes to make them more eco-friendly are inviting the public in to see the changes. The Wiltshire Climate Alliance, supported by Wiltshire Council and the Centre for Sustainable Energy, have put together a map of the open houses. The Green Open Homes Week in the county runs until 17 March.

IEA: Wind, solar and EVs help curb CO2 emissions but heat pump growth stutters

The International Energy Agency (IEA) has detailed in two new reports that a rise in the deployment of solar, wind and electric vehicles (EV) has helped soften the increase of carbon (CO2) emissions across 2023. In its newly published Clean Energy Market Monitor and CO2 Emissions Report studies, the reports showcase how the rise in both renewable and electrification

UK sees record increase in solar power installations

In January 2024, UK’s solar capacity hit 15.7GW across 1,454,607 installations, marking a 6.6% increase since January 2023, with domestic installations leading the charge, according to latest report According to the latest data, solar power installations in the UK have surged, reaching a total capacity of 15.7GW across 1,454,607 installations by the end of January 2024. This

Solar power: your questions answered

Solar power is one of the UK's largest renewable energy sources and therefore we're asked a lot of questions about it. Here we address some of the most frequently asked questions, myths and misconceptions surrounding solar energy, solar farms and solar panels. Do solar panels need bright sunshine in order to work? No. Solar

How leasehold reform can unlock the potential of rooftop solar

Proposals for solar farms on green fields are now common. Such proposals split local environmentalists between those who want to preserve nature and farming, and those who think the country needs solar energy at all costs. Rooftop solar can help us reach net zero while protecting our countryside, but we need to look at

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