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Coal-free fortnight: Landmark record set as UK goes two weeks without coal

By |2019-06-03T14:13:14+00:00June 9th, 2019|Energy and Climate Change, National Grid, News, Pollution, Power Generation, Renewable Energy, Solar, Solar and Battery, Wind|

The UK has now gone a fortnight without coal, underpinning what has been a landmark month for the country’s energy mix. The record was confirmed by National Grid ESO at 3:12pm this afternoon, the moment it became clear that the UK would surpass two consecutive weeks without any coal-fired generation whatsoever. Having only gone a

A proud testimonial

By |2019-06-07T15:32:43+00:00June 7th, 2019|Blog, Energy and Climate Change, Home Battery, Home Energy Storage, Renewable Energy, Solar and Battery|

Receiving a testimonial from a customer is always special. It takes time and effort to write one, and we all have busy lives. What made this particularly special is that it was from an installation that had not gone smoothly. Issues arose that took time and energy to resolve, and patience on the part of our

UK power prices turn negative for nine hours, balancing costs spike during ‘extraordinary’ weekend

By |2019-06-03T12:46:32+00:00June 5th, 2019|Energy and Climate Change, National Grid, News, Power Generation, Renewable Energy, Solar, Solar and Battery, Wind|

UK power prices turned negative for nine consecutive hours on Sunday in what’s been billed as an “extraordinary turn of events” for the country’s electricity system. Unusually low demand, some 2GW below forecasts, combined with high wind generation to send prices spiralling, and National Grid was even forced into instructing onshore and offshore wind farms

Britain completes first week without coal since Industrial Revolution

By |2019-05-13T14:44:08+00:00May 16th, 2019|Energy and Climate Change, Renewable Energy, Solar and Battery, Wind|

Great Britain has completed a full week without coal generation, the first time it has done so since the Industrial Revolution in 1882. National Grid ESO confirmed the landmark had been reached in a tweet at 1:25pm this afternoon, having previously guided that the feat was likely to occur. Coal was last used to generate

BEIS preparing Smart Export legislation before the summer, targets late 2019 tariff deadline

By |2019-05-13T14:35:10+00:00May 14th, 2019|Energy and Climate Change, Feed In Tariff, FIT, News, Renewable Energy, Solar and Battery|

The government is aiming to start the legislative process for the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) before the summer in a bid to have the export tariff up and running before the end of the year. Earlier this week Labour MP Kerry McCarthy quizzed officials from the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) on

Landmark 2050 net zero target would ‘end the UK’s contribution to climate change’

By |2019-05-08T16:16:25+00:00May 12th, 2019|Energy and Climate Change, News, Renewable Energy, Solar and Battery|

The UK could end its contribution to global warming by phasing out greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) has said, a target which would drive a revolution in the country’s power system. Today the CCC has published a landmark report establishing its recommendation that the UK government set a target

‘This report will change your life’: what zero emissions means for UK

By |2019-05-08T16:16:38+00:00May 11th, 2019|Energy and Climate Change, News, Renewable Energy, Solar and Battery, Wind|

Committee on Climate Change sets out how UK can reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050 “Make no mistake, this report will change your life,” says Prof David Reay at the University of Edinburgh. “If the meticulous and robust expert advice here is heeded it will deliver a revolution in every facet of our lives,

Second-life EV batteries: The newest value pool in energy storage

By |2019-05-08T16:17:08+00:00May 9th, 2019|Battery Storage, Electric Vehicles, Energy and Climate Change, News, Renewable Energy, Solar and Battery|

With continued global growth of electric vehicles (EV), a new opportunity for the power sector is emerging: stationary storage powered by used EV batteries, which could exceed 200 gigawatt-hours by 2030. During the next few decades, the strong uptake of electric vehicles (EVs) will result in the availability of terawatt-hours of batteries that no longer

Germany Looks to Put Thermal Storage Into Coal Plants

By |2019-04-29T18:56:04+00:00April 30th, 2019|Energy and Climate Change, News, Renewable Energy, Solar and Battery|

A new pilot will replace coal with molten salt to create giant Carnot batteries. The German Aerospace Center (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt or DLR) is investigating whether Germany’s coal plants could be reused as energy storage assets. The research body, which has a track record in concentrated solar power (CSP) development, is planning

Batteries, Offshore Wind Lead Clean Energy Cost Cuts As Renewables Continue To Undercut Coal And Gas

By |2019-04-29T15:37:20+00:00April 25th, 2019|Energy and Climate Change, News, Renewable Energy, Wind|

The transition to a low-carbon energy system is a few steps closer after two technologies that were immature and hugely expensive only a few years ago saw spectacular gains in cost-competitiveness in the last year. New research from Bloomberg NEF (BNEF) shows that the cost of lithium-ion batteries has fallen by 35% over the past

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