What does the Conservative Party really think about solar?

I spent some of August on trains across Europe, gazing out at vast swathes of parched earth, dwindled rivers and failing crops. Climate change was plainly in action across the entire continent. Then I glanced at social media to find the two individuals vying to become Prime Minister competing with each other to say

Solar panel sales boom as energy bills soar

The energy bills crisis has prompted a big rise in demand for solar panels. Just over 3,000 solar installations are being carried out every week, according to trade association Solar Energy UK, up from 1,000 a week in July 2020. One provider said this month it had seen enquiries about solar panels rise tenfold. "More

Dim decision: Huge rise in solar farm planning refusals

Planning application refusals for solar farms are higher than ever, despite the energy price crisis and the climate crisis. Planning permission for 23 solar farms has been refused across England, Wales and Scotland between January 2021 and July 2022, which could have produced enough renewable energy to power an estimated 147,000 homes annually, according to new analysis. Just four projects were refused planning permission during 2017,

Record number of searches for ‘solar panels’ during UK heatwave

With temperatures across the UK soaring to over 30°C amid last week’s heatwave, The Eco Experts has disclosed a record amount for searches for “solar panels’ had been reached. According to Google Trends on Thursday 11 August, the UK collectively reached a score of 100 for the first time searching for solar panels – an increase

Solar Made Simple 3: Installing Solar Panels

So you've learnt all you need to know about solar panels and you know what solar can do for you, now it's time to understand the basics of putting solar panels in place. For large commercial solar farms it's common to install them on metal frames out in the open, but for nearly all other

Solar Made Simple 2: What Can Solar Do For Me?

For an introduction to solar panels see our Solar Made Simple 1: All You Need to Know About Solar Panels. The first step in learning what solar panels can do for you is about understanding how many panels can fit on your roof, and hence how much electricity those panels can generate for you. We

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