Five signs you’re ready for a battery energy storage system

If you work at a busy manufacturing company the chances are your energy consumption will need to increase in the next few years. You will also be under intense pressure to reduce your carbon emissions. How can this dilemma be solved? The biggest step most manufacturing companies could take to reduce carbon emissions would

Reasons to be hopeful: the climate solutions available now

We have every tool we need to tackle the climate crisis. Here’s what some key sectors are doing The climate emergency is the biggest threat to civilisation we have ever faced. But there is good news: we already have every tool we need to beat it. The challenge is not identifying the solutions, but rolling

Getting to Know Bulb: The Next Generation Energy Supplier

Getting to Know Bulb: The Next Generation Energy Supplier You’re here because you believe in a better approach to energy. Perhaps you’re an Electric Vehicle user who wants to charge their car more sustainably. Maybe you generate your own energy via PV solar panels and want a supplier that will give you a good rate

UK ranked sixth in the world for solar and wind generation

The UK has been ranked sixth in the world for solar and wind power generation, according to thinktank Ember's Global Electricity Review. Around the world, the renewable technologies produced 2,435TWh in 2020, or almost a tenth of the world’s electricity. As such they’ve doubled since 2015, when they generated 1083TWh or 5% of the

Wind hits new record on wet and cold bank holiday

With another bank holiday has come another renewable generation record, with wind power hitting a new high of 17.6GW. At 3.30pm on Monday 3 May, the renewable source was producing 48.4% of Britain’s electricity mix according to provisional results from National Grid ESO. This just tops the previous wind record set in February during the

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