Power Generation

Public support for solar reaches record high for the second year

The latest polling from the Public Attitudes Tracker showed that 88% of people support the use a renewable energy in the UK, including solar, beating last year’s previous high of 84%, whilst only 2% of the public oppose it. Conducted this autumn, the survey was published this Thursday (15 December) by the Department for Business,

Solar is gateway to 19 years of free electricity, says ECIU

With the payback time of rooftop solar panels now just six years, households could benefit from 19 years of “essentially free” electricity during the remainder of their lifespan, according to the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit (ECIU). Solar farms are becoming ever more cost efficient, costing a low of £54 per MWh. This is much

Cost of living: Swansea estate cuts bills by generating energy

Access to solar panels and a home battery has reduced energy bill worries for Nikita Harris on one of Europe's largest green retrofit projects. "Where I used to worry going to bed, I don't have to worry now," said Nikita, 26, whose home in Swansea now runs partially on a battery. Some 644 properties

Balancing energy security with food security on solar farms

The economic impacts of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine are being felt around the world. This is especially true in the energy and food markets whose supply chains depend on both countries. The crisis has reinvigorated a long-running debate about land use for solar farms, increasingly polarised around energy versus food security. Gas provides 40%

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