It is with great pleasure and not a little excitement that we are able to announce a new range of home battery systems to be known as PowerBanx SX. It will be available from November and be offered in parallel with our existing PowerBanx X range.


The new PowerBanx SX brings a number of new, attractive features:

1. It is one of the first mainstream systems that has G100 capability – this means that when suitably installed it is certified to limit its export power. This capability significantly reduces the amount of bureaucracy and paperwork required ahead of installation and can therefore provide fast and easy install options.

2. Improved aesthetics – in particular the batteries come housed in smart cases so an additional battery enclosure is no longer required.

3. It has a potentially larger capacity of up to 25.2 kWh compared to the PowerBanx X’s 19.2kWh.

The PowerBanx SX range is built around two key elements: a dedicated battery inverter, the SolaX FIT, and a range of batteries from Triple Power.

PowerBanx SX Inverter

The PowerBanx SX includes a SolaX Power X1 Retro Fit inverter that, like the PowerBanx X inverter, is connected to the main consumer unit and has sensors for reading solar generation and home consumption. In addition, where export limiting is required, it has a hardwired connection to an export meter.


The inverter has a power rating of 3.68 kW (16 Amps) in normal mode and 4 kW in emergency power system (power cut) mode. It can control up to 4 batteries and be installed inside or outside.

It has a weight of 27kg and dimensions of 460mm x 477mm x 182mm.

PowerBanx SX Batteries

The PowerBanx SX uses batteries from Triple Power, a SolaX partner.


They come in two different types:

  • T45: Each battery has a total capacity of 4.5 kWh and a weight of 57kg. A PowerBanx SX system can have up to 4 batteries allowing total capacities of 4.5 kWh, 9 kWh, 13.5 kWh and 18 kWh.
  • T63: Each battery has a total capacity of 6.3 kWh and a weight of 68kg. A PowerBanx SX system can have up to 4 batteries allowing total capacities of 6.3 kWh, 12.6 kWh, 18.9 kWh and 25.2 kWh.

The batteries have a cycle life of 6000 cycles at 100% depth of discharge (DOD), though are normally used to 90% DOD, and have a warranty for 10 years. They are not designed to be installed outside. The two battery types are not compatible.

Each Battery Module has an integral interface unit, and the battery closest to the inverter also has a Master Box controller connected on top of the interface. Dimensions are as follows:

TRIPLE_POWER_Module_SolaXThe batteries are designed to be stood next to each other along a wall, so cables come out of the right-hand side of one interface unit into the left-hand side of the next unit.

PowerBanx SX Range

The full PowerBanx SX range is as follows:

Model Name Battery Type Total Capacity Useable Capacity
PowerBanx SX 45-1 T45 4.5 kWh 4.05 kWh
PowerBanx SX 63-1 T63 6.3 kWh 5.67 kWh
PowerBanx SX 45-2 T45 9.0 kWh 8.10 kWh
PowerBanx SX 63-2 T63 12.6 kWh 11.34 kWh
PowerBanx SX 45-3 T45 13.5 kWh 12.15 kWh
PowerBanx SX 45-4 T45 18.0 kWh 16.2 kWh
PowerBanx SX 63-3 T63 18.9 kWh 17.01 kWh
PowerBanx SX 63-4 T63 25.2 kWh 22.68 kWh

The PowerBanx SX is a great range of battery systems for those who need big capacities.

At the same time we will continue to offer the PowerBanx X to those who prefer to start at a lower price point and battery size (2.4 kWh) and who prefer the greater flexibility of increasing capacity in easily handled 2.4 kWh units.

Update: Pricing of the new SX range is here: Pricing for PowerBanx SX Home Battery System

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