When you think of Milton Keynes most people think about the roundabouts and concrete cows, but with the UK’s first Electric Vehicle Experience Centre and its bid to become a Go Ultra Low City, Milton Keynes is now starting to be known as one of the best electric vehicle (EV) hubs in the country.

With a vast infrastructure of charge points and free parking opportunities, city residents and commuters are taking full advantage of the cost saving benefits of electric vehicle ownership.

This useful parking map of central Milton Keynes, indicates the chargemaster charge points available to electric vehicle owners. It also highlights the free parking (purple bays) that are available to electric car owners with a valid Green Parking Permit. 

Electric car owners can apply for a green parking permit through Milton Keynes council’s website.

So if you’re planning to get an electric car, already have an electric car, or are simply planning a visit in your electric car – perhaps for some (dare I say) Christmas shopping, check out this map to help you plan ahead.