For every 25 buildings in the UK, you will be able to spot Solar Photovoltaic Systems and according to Solar Energy UK, rooftop solar power installations doubled in a year (2023). There is a solar revolution and it is becoming increasingly popular, not just for homeowners, but businesses too. Businesses are discovering the benefits, such as saving a substantial amount of money on utility bills.

With the help of government incentives and rebates for businesses and residential homeowners, solar panels have become more accessible and affordable. Keep reading this article to discover more about when and how solar photovoltaic systems began to take over the UK.

Solar Photovoltaic Systems - Church on the Heath, Fleet, Hampshire

Commercial Solar Installation – Church on the Heath, Fleet, Hampshire

What is a Solar Photovoltaic System?
Just as with any other solar technology, a photovoltaic system captures the sun and transmits it back into usable electricity. This technology comes in various sizes and is gaining popularity, especially for commercial properties. The appeal lies in the fact that businesses frequently possess larger rooftops capable of capturing substantial amounts of energy, often sufficiently powering entire warehouses.

How Does a Solar Photovoltaic System Work?
Sunlight, consisting of energy packets known as photons, strikes a solar panel, initiating the generation of an electric current through the photovoltaic effect. To render solar electricity practical, the generated DC power must undergo conversion to AC using an inverter. The resultant AC electricity from the inverter can be utilised to power local electronics or transmitted to the electrical grid for broader use.

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