One great side-benefit of home battery storage is having an emergency power supply.

We asked what was important to you when the lights go out in a power cut. Thanks for the enthusiastic response. We thought you would be interested in the results, so here they are:

Do you ever get power cuts?

Interestingly, 84% of our respondents do suffer power cuts, with the following distribution



How Long do they Last?

A third of those that do suffer power cuts then reported them lasting longer than 2 hours

What do you most need to keep running during a power cut?

During a power cut what is most important to keep running? I don’t think there are many surprises here although I daresay the phone would gain importance during a long cut

  • Most Important: Fridge/freezer, gas heating, lighting
  • Middling: Internet router, garage door opener, gas cooker
  • Least important: TV, phone charger

What would be your reason for choosing battery storage?

The final question was to rank the priorities for using battery storage. This gave a surprisingly even split among the top priorities, with roughly 30% each for Saving Money, Emergency Power Supply and Storing Surplus Solar Energy. The remaining 10% was people whose primary priority was to reduce carbon footprint.

Do you still have more to say?

I hope you found the answers interesting. I know I did. If you would still like to add to the results, we have left the survey open here.

As ever, if you’d like to learn more about getting battery storage fitted at home come and check out our explainer video, or request a quote. We’d love to hear from you.

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