Efficient energy storage technology is needed to overcome fluctuations in renewable energy supply and decrease our reliance on fossil fuels. Here are some of the most promising technologies in the industry today

As the world moves towards a more renewable and decentralised energy system, energy storage is becoming increasingly important.

Energy storage technologies allow us to store energy when it’s available and release it when it’s needed, providing a range of benefits for the grid, businesses, and households.

One of the primary reasons efficient energy storage is crucial for the green transition is the need to manage variable energy supply. Renewable energy sources like wind and solar are intermittent and don’t provide a consistent energy supply. Energy storage can help smooth out these fluctuations by storing excess energy when it’s available and releasing it when needed.

As many renewable energy sources are becoming cheaper and cheaper, storing them and using them later can be very cost-efficient for society.

Energy storage can also provide backup power during emergencies and help reduce peak demand, which occurs when many people use electricity simultaneously.

By storing excess energy during off-peak hours and releasing it during peak hours, energy storage can help prevent blackouts and reduce the need for expensive infrastructure upgrades or reliance on fossil fuels.

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