My Home Power Station…
I do enjoy seeing where my energy is going. I just grabbed a quick snapshot of my Solarman energy app and am delighted to see my generation is picking up. My home array is west facing, so it is always late in the day that it starts to build towards its full capacity. In fact, 10 minutes later I took another snap, and you can see how the image on the right has ramped up to 1.77 kW generation as the sun comes directly onto the panels.

Solarman App: Two Generation and Consumption Views 11 Minute Apart

A quick glance on the left hand image shows me that my Air Source Heat pump is active, but that almost a third of my current use is coming from Solar. In the right hand image, my domestic load has dropped, and my solar yield has increased, so I now see the excess 1.34 kW going straight into my battery.
Once in the battery, this is not only energy for the evening, but also acts as a little reservoir. If the sun is shining and the demand has a short peak, then the extra electricity will come from my battery instead of the grid. This micro-cycle saves me money, but also frees up further space in the battery enabling me to store more solar later in the day.
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