In order to meet its 2050 climate goals, the nation will have to reduce the amount of natural gas used for heating, however the electricity system will not be able to cope unless thermal storage technology is improved, Bloomberg reports.


?? reduce its greenhouse gas emissions from the heating sector is “one of the toughest challenges the country faces in its low-carbon transition,” according to a report published Friday by the U.K. Energy Research Centre, a body that advises the public and private sector on sustainable energy.

The U.K. is heavily dependent on gas, since it comprises about two thirds of the domestic energy demand. The main issues stem from the fact that when the weather’s cold, the gas system handles a morning surge in demand by drawing on fuel stored in pipelines overnight, since gas pipelines have a dual purpose function. At the present, the electricity system can not do the same due to a lack of large-scale storage options.

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