(REPOST: Energy Storage News)

UK demand response and energy resource aggregation company Kiwi Power has unveiled its largest behind the meter battery to date with the completion of the 4MW / 4.8MWh Tesla battery at Cenin Renewables in south Wales.

The battery took three months to build in order to provide firm frequency response (FFR) to National Grid after winning a two year contract offering 24 hour availability at £19/MW (US$26.61) per hour beginning on 1 February.

This will be the sole use of the battery over the first two years of the project’s life, but it will also make use of the onsite renewable generation from the site’s solar, wind and anaerobic digestion resources.

According to Kiwi Power’s commercial leader for battery energy storage Quentin Scrimshire, the battery at Parc Stormy near Bridgend is “responding well” and at much faster speeds that required by National Grid.

The project has used third party finance from an unnamed investor which will take the lion’s share of the FFR revenue, while Kiwi takes a fee for managing the battery and Cenin also gets a share of the project’s revenue.

Once the two year contract is completed, Cenin will then receive further benefits of having the battery on site, as Scrimshire explained.

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