The UK solar market has seen great change over the last year, with prices falling dramatically, leading to the growth of subsidy free developments as the sector comes of age.

Following the closure of the feed-in tariff (FiT) in the UK on 31 March 2019, clean energy company AMP launched a funding partnership with Eden Sustainable to help deliver the 30MW pipeline of projects the two had (15MW of which advanced) and more.

The company’s Clean Energy Funding has continued to focus on solar, with an optimistic approach to the technology, as MD Mark Tarry explained in a recent interview.

“Solar is an important part of the renewables mix and can suit a range of organisations from schools, hotels to SMEs and large multinationals. AMP Clean Energy provides funding and development opportunities for solar PV through a Power Purchase Agreement in the post subsidy world.

“So, we think that market is about to go bang, and I mean bang in a good way because it’s the easiest thing to do, isn’t it? If you have a roof, and you’ve made a statement about climate change, it makes sense to put some solar panels up. Solar is sustainable and provides low cost, predictably priced energy over the long term.

“I think it will just go the way of the mobile phone market. Companies have better things to do than invest in infrastructure yields which are around 8-12%. Most companies have three year/two year payback on that capital. So why not have somebody else fund their solar and just buy the power they use?”

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