[Repost] With a charging network five times more dense than that in America, Germany is poised to become the world’s No.3 electric-car market

The most remarkable thing about Jana Hoeffner’s 2,360 mile road trip from Stuttgart to Oslo and back was simply how unremarkable it was.

In a black Tesla Model S sedan. 
Five years ago, making similar journeys across much of Germany in an electric Renault Zoe would have meant tiresome research to avoid running out of power, she says. These days, not so much. Or even at all.

“It doesn’t really involve much planning anymore,” she says.

Hoeffner, 38, who’s an online editor, is emblematic of a quiet revolution finally taking hold in Europe’s biggest car market. Conventional wisdom held that Germans, proudly sitting at the source of global automotive engineering prowess, would be among the last to trade in their Porsche 911s or Mercedes-Benz S-Class diesels for the limited autobahn range offered in an American-made electric Tesla. 
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