Scientists say we must keep global temperature rise under 1.5C – so what does that mean for the UK?

Next week, ministers are likely to ask their advisers how Britain can reduce carbon emissions in line with that target.

They’ve declared what they’re calling Green GB Week – a celebration of the UK’s achievement as a world leader in tackling climate change whilst increasing the economy.

But will they make the huge carbon cuts still needed on these six key issues?


Overall, the UK’s CO2 emissions have been falling, but transport emissions have gone UP by 4%. People are buying bigger cars after the Treasury removed the fuel duty incentive for low-pollution hybrids.

Drivers have also turned away from diesel vehicles, which create fewer greenhouse gases but emit more local pollution.

The government’s advisory Committee on Climate Change says sales of electric cars and installation of charging points are both too slow.

Meanwhile, campaigners say the decision to help people fly more often by expanding Heathrow shows ministers haven’t grasped the scale of the climate challenge.

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