RenewableUK has confirmed that across the entirety of 2022, only two small onshore wind turbines had been developed across England despite a “record-breaking” year for offshore wind.



According to analysis via RenewableUK’s EnergyPulse data analysts, a total of just over 3.5GW of new wind capacity had been installed in 2022. Of this, three major offshore wind projects went fully operational in 2022 adding just under 3.2GW of new capacity to the UK. This smashed the previous record of 2.1GW which was set in 2018.

“The latest figures show we made terrific progress in installing a record amount of new offshore wind capacity last year,” said RenewableUK’s chief executive Dan McGrail.

“However, we still need to ensure that the glacial pace of the consenting process is stepped up significantly to stay on track for the quadrupling of offshore capacity that the Government wants to see by 2030 as a key step in strengthening the UK’s energy security.”

RenewableUK’s analysis indicated that in total, ten new onshore wind projects had been installed in 2022 which added a total of 318MW. Six of these were built in Scotland, with a capacity of 314MW. One new project went fully operational in Wales, with a capacity of 2.5MW, and two in Northern Ireland with a capacity of 0.5MW. There was just one project in England, with a capacity of 1MW, comprising two turbines.

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