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The Renault Kangoo Van Z.E.33 has an official NEDC range of 170 miles – up more than 60 per cent on the previous version – which Renault quotes as being equivalent of up to 124 miles range in real world conditions.

During the 294-mile course of the MPG Marathon, held October 3/4, the model achieved an average consumption figure of 4.5 miles per kilowatt-hour of electricity, which is 10.02 per cent more than the official NEDC figure and some 50 per cent more than the claimed real world figure.

Alex Grant, editor of Fleet World, says the MPG Marathon has attracted a growing number of electric vehicles since the Renault ZOE was among the first to be entered in 2014.

“The results have shown how quickly the technology is advancing,” he says. “With the Kangoo Van Z.E. achieving energy efficiency which could allow a range of 200 miles to a full charge – not to mention near-silent running, gearshift-free driving and zero tailpipe emissions – battery-electric vehicle technology is proving itself to be a very viable alternative to a petrol or diesel model.”

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