If you are considering adding battery storage to your existing FIT accredited solar PV system, this blog is for you.


The long awaited OFGEM guidance arrived shortly before Christmas. You can read it here. The guidance document has remained broad, and contains good examples.

The outcome is that the intent of the FIT tariffs (to encourage uptake of green technologies) has been retained, even as the market changes to adapt to huge predicted availability of battery storage. This is great news for the environment in the medium term.

For the home Solar generator, though it can perhaps be summarised as follows* (see section 4 of the OFGEM document for more detail):

  • The generation meter must be a single meter located such that it only measures electricity generated by the accredited installation.
  • If the generation meter is suitable, then the 50% deemed export is still valid (even if that energy goes into a battery).

So the great news is that you can keep all your solar generated energy and still receive both your generation and deemed export tariffs from the FIT scheme. Check out our great retrofit battery systems here.

* This blog offers guidance and opinion only. It is not intended to be a definitive guide. Generators should seek their own legal and technical advice before making any changes to their generating station or installation, or investment decisions.