MG’s rival to the VW ID.3, Nissan Leaf and Renault Zoe offers range, performance and value that’s hard to beat

The MG4 marks a new wave for the British/Chinese budget brand, introducing a brand new scalable platform which will underpin the brand’s future EV models and offer new drivetrain opportunities.

MG 5 EV estate (Image: TL/Tanjent)

MG 5 EV estate (Image: TL/Tanjent)

For the MG4 that means a different motor and battery setup to the ZS EV and MG5. A lot of mainstream car makers seem to have settled on similar performance from their EVs and the MG4 slots in among this “average” spec nicely. It has a single motor with around 200bhp, will reach 62mph in just under 8 seconds and can do around 280 miles from a 64kWh battery.
The performance is strong enough for a family hatchback, with decent pick-up that only starts to peter out at higher speeds. MG claims energy consumption of 3.8 miles/kWh and while that felt ambitious in the middle of winter, it never dipped below 3m/kWh in my week with it.

What’s equally pleasing is that the MG4 is actually quite fun to drive. It has a low centre of gravity and 50:50 weight distribution which immediately means it feels settled on the road. This is aided by well-judged damping that keeps body movement in check, and decent amounts of grip. The rear-drive setup isn’t massively apparent but MG’s trick for offering surprisingly quick and responsive steering is present, meaning there’s some enjoyment to be had on more interesting roads.

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