A six-week consultation has been launched as MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme) proposes to reform its  scheme which sets the Standards for the installation of low-carbon installations used to produce electricity and heat from renewable sources.

MCS has proposed a new, simpler scheme which will provide consistently high-quality outcomes for consumers and improve accessibility for contractors.

With the enormous growth potential in the UK’s small-scale renewables market, MCS will play a key role in ensuring consumers have the confidence to invest in small-scale renewable technology for their homes and businesses. These investments must meet customer needs, deliver on promised system performance and come with the reassurance that if something were to go wrong, there is a clear route to remediation.

MCS Certified logo (Image: MCS)

MCS Certified logo (Image: MCS)

This consultation details proposals to make changes to MCS in response to an assessment of current scheme operations and research conducted over the last 18 months. The development of these proposals has benefited from input from a range of stakeholders, including contractors, trade associations, certification bodies and government departments.

The proposals outlined build on the work of the last few years to simplify the Standards, ensuring that MCS technical requirements are easier to understand and comply with and aims to provide for a more responsive industry, focused on high quality customer outcomes, underpinned by an outcome-based assessment and information gathering process.

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