Data released by the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) yesterday (13 December) has confirmed that 2023 was the UK’s “best ever” year for renewable energy and heating installations.

With a total of 220,500 MCS certified installations having been registered across 2023 so far, the UK beat its 2022 figures by the end of September.

Solar PV has been confirmed as the leading technology for these installations coming in with a whopping 183,022. This exceeded 2022’s figures by 45,022 where the year saw 138,000 certified installations across the UK.

Speaking on the continued success for domestic solar, Solar Energy UK chief executive Chris Hewett said: “It’s no wonder that people are queuing up to go solar. Installing a solar energy system is one of the best investments available to homeowners and businesses alike.

Unloading solar panels ready to install (Image: Tanjent)

Unloading solar panels ready to install (Image: Tanjent)

“Electricity bills remain stubbornly high, and all expectations are that they will remain so for the foreseeable future. In contrast, solar provides cheap, decarbonised power and normally pays for itself in a few years.”

Heat pumps and battery storage see rising installations
Coming in at second is heat pumps which also saw a year-on-year (YoY) increase. In 2023 so far, the UK has seen more than 35,000 installations registered for both air source and ground/water source technologies – a record year for heat pump installations. In total, this means that over 200,000 certified heat pumps have now been installed since 2008 with this expected to continue its trajectory into the coming years.

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