“It is going to become socially unacceptable for businesses to not to have solar on their roofs in the short to medium-term,” said Shaun Beattie, sales director of BeBa Energy, at the UK Solar Summit.

With the growing need to scale the solar industry to attain UK net zero targets, Beattie believes that it will become “socially unacceptable” for businesses to not have solar panels on their rooftops in a bid to drive down carbon emissions.

“Much like the times where you had a drinks trolley and people smoking in their office when it became socially unacceptable – there will become a time where if you are a user of electricity and don’t have solar of your roof, it is unacceptable,” said Beattie.

The assertion follows the United Kingdom Warehousing Association (UKWA) this week emphasising the need to scale solar generation capacity on warehouse roofs in order to tackle the ongoing energy crisis. The organisation stated that unused roofs on warehouses total 18,500 acres of land meaning the UK is missing out on 15GW of solar energy.

As referred to by Beattie, there is a necessary requirement for all energy users to utilise solar in a bid to drive down carbon emissions and reach the targeted levels of solar generation need for net zero.

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