(REPOST: One Step Off The Grid)

Actually, I just earned $3.20 from selling half the storage in my Tesla Powerwall 1 during a ‘Grid Event’ back on 7 March, which brought my daily earnings from selling back into the grid to $5.62.

Not exactly a lottery win, but not to be sneezed at. Plus, I had the satisfaction of being part of the growing number of households who are helping to keep the lights on in suburbs when the grid is in trouble or when the spot price is unstable.

It was only the second “grid event” to impact Canberra this summer (last time was in November 30), but it’s something I am banking on happening more before they fix the east coast grid and/or Canberra goes 100% renewable in 2020.

It’s like betting against the economy, but with energy.

But I didn’t just bet against Canberra’s high growth in electricity prices (albeit off the lowest base) and the likelihood of black outs.

This was an effort to shore up the rising cost of living tide in the nation’s Capital – rates, gas, electricity, petrol, interest rates all going up with only a 3 per cent real increase in my salary (most Federal Public Servants don’t even get that).

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