(REPOST: Inside EVs)

The electric car market continues to go from strength to strength, taking a new record market share in November 2017 as diesel sales slump. Plug-in cars made up 2.4% of total UK registrations in last month, according to Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) figures.

With almost 4,000 units sold in November the market remains comparatively small, though it is increasing all the time. In contrast, despite diesel sales of 61,730 units, the market dropped 31% compared to November 2016.

November’s figures now see more than 42,700 plug-in models registered for the 11-months of 2017, at an average of almost 3,900 a month. This compares favourably to 2016’s average figure of 3,081 a month, with a total for the full 12-months just short of 37,000 registrations.

The split between pure-EVs and PHEVs remained almost exactly the same as October 2017, with EV’s accounting for 21% of total monthly plug-in registrations. More than 3,000 PHEVs were registered in November, compared to more than 800 pure-EVs.

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