Chief executive of high growth Grimsby firm on the just-launched Libbi addition

Homes with solar panels could take a huge step towards energy independence, according to the innovative entrepreneur behind a new domestic battery.

Lee Sutton, co-founder and chief executive of the high growth microgeneration specialist Myenergi, has seen his latest addition to a blockbuster range of products unveiled in the past week. The Grimsby company, charging on with expansion of both footprint and employees, launched Libbi at a national trade show, with further details now emerging as the team returns home from Solar & Storage Live.

Second install for Mr HA

Second install for Mr HA

A huge manufacturing space is currently being added to the state-of-the-art headquarters on the Pioneer Business Park at Stallingborough, as it gears up to meet demand with turnover passing £50 million for the six year old firm this past year.

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The 5.1kWh modular addition is described as completing the home energy ecosystem offered by the firm. It comes as the company seeks to fill 25 additional roles.

Mr Sutton said: “We are committed to innovation and are excited to deliver technologies that help our customers gain more autonomy over their energy. Our Libbi home battery will help our customers complete their own energy ecosystem, enabling them to become less reliant on electricity supplied from the grid and become more energy independent, in order to both reduce energy costs and reduce their own carbon footprint.”

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