Millions of homes across the UK are at risk of being completely submerged if carbon emissions go unchecked

A chilling new map has revealed how parts of the UK will be left underwater in a matter of decades as climate change causes sea levels to rise.

Major areas such as Liverpool, London and Humberside could be left completely submerged as early as 2100, according to research from Climate Central.

Most scientists agree that climate change is melting polar ice sheets, adding significant amounts of water to the world’s oceans.

A detailed new study has revealed how low-lying coastal areas across the world are now at risk of being completely flooded.

Vast swathes of Britain could be wiped out by the encroaching waters which are represented by a terrifying red block.

Cardiff, Swansea and north Wales, east Yorkshire and Hull, Peterborough and Norfolk, and the coast from Lancaster to Liverpool could be submerged in just 80 years time – unless urgent action is taken immediately.

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