(REPOST: Energy Storage News)

British-headquartered multinational utility Centrica will “most likely” install up to 100 residential energy storage batteries in selected homes in Cornwall in the south-west of England, alongside new installs of solar panels – if they are not already in place – as part of its local energy market (LEM) programme.

Speaking to our UK sister site Solar Power Portal this week, Sophie Orme, energy storage lead for the Cornwall LEM, said the project includes a residential workstream that has already attracted interest from 300 homes wishing to take part.

This will be whittled down in January when 150 on-site technical surveys will be conducted before around 100 are selected to take part. As Orme explained, a high number of homes in the region already have solar installed, with Centrica looking to conduct new installs for those without the technology.

“A large proportion of the [respondents] already have solar PV, that’s the case in Cornwall in general as I think they are well engaged with new technologies and electricity prices. So about a third already have PV so for the two thirds who don’t we will be looking to install PV if their roofs are appropriate, and that’s part of the screening process,” she said.

In addition, energy storage and other smart grid applications will also be sought for the houses with Orme adding that it would be “most likely” that Centrica would install the units themselves.

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