If you’re about to have a solar or battery system fitted, you might be wondering how the equipment and solar panels will be delivered to your home. In this blog we hope to provide the information you should know.

Solar panels are approximately 2m by 1m in size, and come stacked on one or more pallets: shrink wrapped and cable bound. They may be stacked on end, in a pyramid shape.

Solar panels stacked on a pallet (Image: Tanjent)

Solar panels stacked on a pallet (Image: Tanjent)

They’ll be delivered by one of our suppliers, along with other equipment. This might include:

  • 3m long rails, which the panels will be mounted to.
  • The roof hooks that will be screwed into the rafters of your roof, for the rails to be bolted to.
  • And various electrical components such as AC isolators, DC cable, and the inverters and batteries for your installation.

Hopefully, following our initial survey, you will have in mind where the equipment could be stored for the short term, prior to your installation date (including a covered area for the electrical components).

If you do need to move any of the equipment safe handling procedures should be obeyed.

We will ask you to check the equipment for obvious signs of damage and, tedious though it may be, to check the smaller items to ensure that the correct amount has been delivered. We will email you your equipment list prior to the delivery, with pictures to reference the items to.

Please inform us immediately if you do suspect something isn’t right.

Finally, please look out for a laminated schematic arriving in the post – it’s a representation of the new circuitry to be installed in your home. This should be handed onto your installer, and left attached to your energy system for future reference.