Solar Panel Pricing

Let’s talk about prices for solar panels. For those who just want a sense of the price for a typical installation, we can give broad ranges:

  • Most domestic installs of just solar panels will be in the range of £5,000 to £10,000.
  • Most domestic installs of solar panels with a home battery will be in the range of £8,000 to £15,000, largely depending on the size of the battery (which is a clever but expensive bit of kit) and whether the home can then continue working off-grid during a power cut (which takes extra kit and work).

If that’s all the pricing information you needed, then you can stop reading here! Of course, if that’s because you’re happy enough with those prices for solar panels, then you can go straight to requesting a personal quote for solar or solar and battery for your home.

Prices for Solar Panels Tanjent Energy

One our our 16 panel installs – two rows of eight panels (Image: Tanjent)

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If you want to know more about detailed pricing, however, then let’s continue.


There has never been a better time to get solar panels on your roof, as the cost of the panels decreases and the price of electricity supplied to your house increases. At Tanjent we get a lot of enquiries from people in the UK wanting solar panels and, of course, the first question usually asked is what will they cost.

That is a difficult question to answer since it depends on many factors and for that reason you won’t often see prices shown explicitly on the website of any solar installer. However, we appreciate that’s not a useful situation for most customers so here we will try to give guidance on typical prices, and an explanation of what factors affect the cost so you can have an idea what the cost might be to you.

If you’re not familiar with what makes up a solar install, though, we recommend you read our introductory articles first. They cover the main components that go into an install, and also explain a lot of the jargon:

  1. All You Need to Know About Solar Panels
  2. What Can Solar Do For Me?
  3. Installing Solar Panels
Give Me a Price

Detailed Costing

Here we will go into some typical install costs and show how they relate to the size of the system. We will concentrate on solar installs here, which are all essentially very similar. We cover battery systems elsewhere (as they can vary wildly in their sizes and capabilities), for example power cut options here and quote requests here.

We use sophisticated software tools to calculate a complete price for all our solar panel installs. To give accurate prices here we will use this software to calculate the initial quote prices for 3 sizes of installs: 8 panels, 12 panels and 16 panels, where each panel is all-black and has a peak generation of 400 Watts.

The results for those three examples are as follows:

Installed Solar Panel Prices at July 2023 (Image: Tanjent)

These are the prices we will currently quote you (July/August 2023) for a standard install of the given sizes. An interesting thing to note is that although a large install will cost more it will typically pay back faster; this is because all installs have a certain fixed cost (electrician, inverter, scaffolding, etc.) which is proportionally less when spread across more panels.

The particular size applicable to your home is calculated from viewing it in Google Earth. If we create you an initial quote and you like it, then we need to conduct a survey (for which there is a charge, refundable on installation) so we can check the condition of your roof and electrics. After this we will revise the initial quote to produce a final quote based on anything non-standard we found. This would include things like scaffolding issues, old clay or slate tiles, severe shading, etc. We will aim to cover these issues in detail in future blogs.

If that process sounds good to you, and you want a quote for solar panels on your home, then just click here.