We have just revised the prices across our range of PowerBanx home battery systems.

Tanjent PowerBanx home battery (an X3 with a cabinet shown)

In all cases the prices have gone down by at least £200, more for the bigger systems, reflecting a reduction across the market in the cost of Lithium Ion batteries.

Current prices are as follows:

  • PowerBanx X1 (2.4 kWh in wall bracket): £2499
  • PowerBanx X2 (4.8 kWh in wall bracket): £3499
  • PowerBanx X3 (7.2 kWh in cabinet): £4699
  • PowerBanx X4 (9.6 kWh in cabinet): £5699
  • PowerBanx X5 (12 kWh in cabinet): £6699
  • PowerBanx X6 (14.4 kWh in cabinet): £7699
  • PowerBanx X7 (16.8 kWh in cabinet): £8599
  • PowerBanx X8 (19.2 kWh in cabinet): £9499

All prices include installation and VAT.

The whole range shares the same inverter which is capable of supporting from 1 to 8 batteries. The PowerBanx range is particularly popular as it can be upgraded by the owner at any time (e.g. from an X3 to an X5) by just slotting in more batteries; there is no need for an electrician visit after the initial installation. They can also be upgraded to provide backup in a power cut.

For more information on these systems see our PowerBanx blog, in particular:

Note, though, that these prices only apply until the end of January as we don’t know what the effect of Brexit will be. It looks like there will be an impact on our suppliers of delayed stock and potentially higher prices.