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DCC lauds 2 million SMETS2 installation milestone

The two millionth SMETS2 smart meter has been installed, marking the doubling of installs since May. The Data Communications Company (DCC), which manages communications between the country’s smart meters, is celebrating milestone, which has come amidst an uptick in installs. Leading areas are seeing 1-in-7 households with a smart meter, the DCC said. Smart meters

UK powers to new grid carbon intensity low of just 39g CO2/kWh

The UK recorded a new grid carbon intensity low last weekend, as the country enjoyed extensive periods of fifth carbon budget-compliant power generation. The new record low - 39g CO2/kWh - was recorded at 3:24pm on Saturday 17 August, and came as wind sent renewables’ contribution to electricity demand soaring. Data compiled by Drax Electricity

Asda signs up its fridges to keep the UK warm this winter

Asda signs up its fridges to keep the UK warm this winter Supermarket’s freezers will help power 8,500 homes by matching defrost times to blackouts or surges in demand Hundreds of Asda supermarket stores will help power the UK’s electricity system this winter by using their fridges as a virtual battery pack for the energy

National Grid ESO probing power cuts following sudden generation collapse

The sudden loss of nearly 2GW of generation triggered a stress event and power cuts experienced up and down the country on Friday evening (9 August 2019). The incident, which caused significant disruption up and down the UK, was triggered by failures at two large generators, specifically Orsted’s 1.2GW Hornsea offshore wind farm and the

Lightning strike revealed as cause of 9 August UK black out

A lightning strike that caused two separate losses of generation – described by National Grid ESO as an “extremely rare and unexpected event” – has been revealed as the cause behind Britain’s power cut on 9 August 2019. This morning the electricity system operator published its interim report into the incident, revealing that a lightning

Battery storage called into action as UK suffers country-wide power cuts

Battery storage assets were called into action last week after the UK suffered country-wide power outages following a transmission system stress event. Last Friday evening (9 August 2019), two large generators were disconnected from the UK’s power system almost simultaneously, effectively taking 2GW worth of electricity generation within minutes of each other. That collapse in

Economy 7 Guide: What you need to know to pay less

Introduction Economy 7 was launched in the late 1970’s, with an aim to provide customers with cheaper energy costs in the night and average or slightly higher rates in the day. As a result, this makes it a favourite for people who work nights, have a storage heater or want to utilise things such as

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