Pricing of Solar Panels, Home Batteries and Solar EV Chargepoints

Here we cover the pricing of solar panels, batteries and so on, and the factors that affect the costs of a system installation.

Solar panels with pound coins (Image: Tanjent/Dall-E)


Best Solar Batteries: GivEnergy AC3 battery inverter on the right, with 9.5kWh battery on the left (Image: Tanjent)

Top 5 Best Solar Batteries for Home Storage 2023

The pros and cons of different home battery storage systems.

What Grants and Incentives are Available for Solar Panels?

A round up of the grants and incentives currently available for solar panels.
Tanjent Energy Prices for Solar Panels

Prices for Solar Panels – How Much Do They Cost?

Example costs for a range of solar panel install sizes.