Over five million SMETS2 smart meters have been installed in the UK according to the Data Communications Company (DCC).

The milestone was reached with the installation of a meter at a location in Lincoln by Bulb Energy yesterday (7 September 2020).

It has been achieved despite installations pausing from March due the COVID-19 lockdown, and then restarting again in June.

As a result, installations fell by 850,000 in Q2 2020 compared to Q1 2020, which itself saw a 15% decrease due to COVID-19.

There were signs of recovery in July however, with installations rising by 120% in the month.

“Despite difficult circumstances the pace of the smart meter roll-out has recovered well during lockdown, with one million meters being installed since February,” Angus Flett, CEO of the DCC, said. “This is testament to the hard work of our customers – the energy suppliers and distributors – who found new ways of working which allowed installs to continue in a safe way.”

The rate of adoption of smart meters varies from location to location. The top area for take-up is Tewkesbury in Gloucestershire, with a 36% take-up, closely followed by South Derbyshire (also 36%), Wokingham in Kerhshire (35%), Hart in Hampshire (35%), Rugby in Warwickshire (35%), North West Leicestershire (35%) and North Kesteven in Lincolnshire (35%).

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